Welcome to Collaboration once again.

I want you guys to investigate on the following things: (5 Marks each question, total: HL - 20 points, SL-15 points)

1. Virtual Reality
- Evaluate the use of actors in films, issues and benefits in Business and Education
- Include the economic effects of the use of the models to design and test new products.

2. Reliability of predictions based on computer models (Weather Stations and Global Warming)
- Discuss the issues and benefits (you may choose your area of impact here.)

3. Military Simulations
- Evaluate the benefits and issues in Politics and Government.
- Include the social impact of the reliance on simulation to examine the issues of public policy
- and Security.

This last question is for BOTH SL and HL

4. What is the ethical considerations involved in deciding when to use models or simulation to ensure human safety?

A. Areas of Impact cannot be repeated amongst your choices.

B. Use the following terms in discussing the topics above:

  • animation
  • consistency of designs
  • feedback loop
  • hyper media
  • model,
  • morph
  • pixel
  • resolution
  • simulations,
  • visual information


SL - Choose 2

Due: Friday, 17 September before the ITGS period.